TreadWare software was developed to fill what we considered to be a major void in the tire retread industry. We looked far and wide to find suitable software to run our own retread business with no luck.

When it came to seamlessly integrating Point-of-Sale software with TreadWare, we wanted to work with established industry leaders that handle commercial, retail, wholesale/distribution tire and automotive service operations. We were so impressed with the products offered by ASA Automotive Systems and Freedomsoft that we recommend and endorse both as our POS options of choice for use with TreadWare.

GTX by ASA and TireShop by Freedomsoft are being used nationwide by prominent tire dealers in hundreds of locations. These are both Microsoft Windows-based programs, so they run on affordable, readily available hardware that's likely already in use in your shop.

We encourage you to learn much more about GTX from ASA and TireShop by FreedomSoft at their websites.