TreadWare is a program specifically designed and developed to address the unique needs of the retread industry. It provides a trouble-free method to track each tire’s progress throughout the retread process. Simply put, there is no better way to simplify, streamline and increase the efficiency of your retread manufacturing process. TreadWare is software that reflects the process rather than forcing the process into a program.

  • Simple, basic and generic “Windows” hardware requirements with low set up costs
  • Stand-alone operation or simple interface with popular POS systems
  • Simplified and standardized import and export capacity
  • Easily created and personalized reports
  • Integrates with any Windows7 or newer device

TreadWare offers a unique management program that is easy to use and view. Its intuitive design allows speedy interaction, as well as a minimal learning curve.

We knew what we didn’t like about the other programs. Our goal was to make the best simple to use software to serve the independent retreaders. We did it.

TreadWare -- everything you need to make a retread, and nothing you don't!